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Why us?

Career at GIIB is unlike in any other organisation. Despite the company’s size, it is dynamic and creative at the same time, and allows you to put to life the ideas that you truly believe in and want to work towards!

At GIIB, there are options and mentorships that not only build your career, but build your life skills as well. We know that it is not all about work, it is about being a better person at the same time!

Mr. Tai Boon Wee
Ms. Alison Wong
Commercial Director
Mr. Tai Qisheng
Executive Director
Mr. Bob Ngaau
 Technical Director 
Mr. Tai Qiyao
Corporate Manager



1. Openness and inclusiveness

Everyone in this organization is treated with respect and included in all matters. You have an idea? Speak to anyone about it, including your bosses! There are many things the boss knows, but even more things they would like to see from your perspective.

Many people in the end not only see their ideas being part of the bigger success, they have also been the one to lead it!

2. Innovation

All of us know that innovation is the key to success. Innovation is not only at the product level, but it is also in the day to day operations, the way we interact, the way we process things in the entire organisation.

This would be a perfect place for you to put your ideas to test while being guided by someone who already have the experience and wisdom to ensure your innovation has very high chances to succeed!

3. Noble in Character

“Being good is important, everything else besides being good is better!” We truly believe that it’s not only professional work we do in life that is important, it’s also making sure the people around us are doing well.

We believe that it starts from the inside. We want to build everyone inside the organisation so that his/her family can also benefit from the progress they make. From there, we must spread it to as many people as we can.Then there is a bigger purpose in life for ALL of us.


Come and join us for an exciting journey! If you want to build more than just a career, but also your network and your personality, GIIB is the right place for you. Come and talk to us!

We are a merit based company heavily rewarding individuals who are passionate, dynamic, truly believe in what they do and delivering outstanding results.

We look forward to meeting you!