Our Philosophy


To Our Suppliers

We prefer to work in partnership so that our business can grow together in strength and volume. We ensure this by:

- Preferring long-term relationship of mutual trust and respect
- Insisting on performance at the best price, not the lowest
- Recognising that they have to be profitable to sustain proper support

To Our Customers

We strongly believe that our customers’ success will be our success. Hence we will contribute to their profitability by being:

- Reliable and responsible in supplying our products and services
- Able to provide assistance and advice to improve their business
- The innovator that stays ahead by continuously adjusting to the market’s demands


To Our Society

We want to be good corporate and civil citizens contributing to the betterment of society by:

- Respecting the natural environment
- Being in a business that adds to the progress and well being of society

To Our Employees

We strive to upgrade our employees’ standard of living by providing them with a career rather than a job. This is why we emphasise on:

- Continuous development on both personal and work aspects
- Opportunities for career development


To Shareholders

We are committed to ensure that the trust they have placed in us is upheld at all times by providing:

- A fair return in terms of good dividends
- Steady growth in the value of their shares by developing the business
- Transparency in our operations