Corporate Social Responsibility

"I Care" Road Safety Campaign

During the year 2011, GIIB became the first company in Malaysia to initiated Road Safety Campaigns for the truck and bus industry. As an industry leader that constantly emphasizes on the importance of quality and safety, GIIB took the initiative to set up this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to express its concern on the increasing accident rates in the past few years and the recklessness of truck and bus drivers on the road.

GIIB Technical Support team that continuously provides tread pattern applications advisory, proper tyre pressure monitoring, consultation on liner wear-off as well as the importance of quality selection of new tyres and retreaded tyres

GIIB Sales and Marketing team adds value to the GIIB Technical Support team by giving out tyre maintenance booklets to all truck and bus drivers as their daily guideline. Both teams also assist truck and bus drivers to apply road safety stickers on their vehicle doors so that they are constantly reminded about their responsibility on the road.