Supercool Pre-cured Tread

Manufactured by Goodway Rubber Industries Sdn. Bhd., Asia’s leading rubber compound manufacturer, Supercool is the premium pre-cured tread produced under the GIIB brand. It has an impressive global reach that spans six continents. What we offer is not just a premium retread; it is a total tyre solution that’s targeted at looking after your safety. That’s the reason that thousands of truck drivers in over 60 countries throughout the world daily rely on supercool to get them to their destinations and back home again safely.

Flex Resistance Test

The De Mattia Apparatus is used to investigate the degree of cracking when a rubber strip is repeatedly bent. The results of the De Mattia Flex Resistance Test indicate that the groove cracking tendency is drastically reduced when using Supercool.

Heat Build-up Test

The Martens Apparatus is used to investigate heat build-up in the ball of rubber compound which deforms under different loads. The results of the Martens Ball Test indicate that Supercool generates 40% less heat compared against the standard tread compound.

Tread Patterns

Displayed patterns are only a selection for reference. To find the pattern most suitable to your needs or get more details on available designs, please contact us directly.

Speedflex Cushion Gum

Up to 3x
Wider than a standard cushion gum size offering the flexibility in width customisation
at least 20min
Saving on Curing Time that helps to increase productivity without any investment on production facilities.
up to 21%
Wider than a standard cushion gum size offering the flexibility in width customisation
SET Curing Temperature
Celcius: 110 & 115
Recommended Curing Time (min)
Standard: 180 & 165
Speedflex: 165 & 130

Tread Depth
mm: 16 & 16