ToughTread is GIIB’s OTR pre-cured tread liners using specially formulated compounds tailor-made to meet tough specifications including cut, abrasion and heat resistance. ToughTread retreads are robust even under the most demanding working conditions suitable for all tough terrains and challenging road conditions.

Specially designed tread patterns and compounds tailor-mode to provide superior resistance to cuts and heat build-up. Treads are compounded for excellent traction in uneven off-road surface especially the rocky and loose-earth surfaces. Maximizes retread ability and lengthen the life span of the tyre casing.

Tread Pattern Applications

OTR Retreading Services

BigWheel OTR
Using BigWheel, a specialised tread liner specially designed for the most stringent expectations, the toughest terrains and truly demanding vehicle requirements, BigWheel OTR pre-cured retread tyres are ideal for earth movers and other robust vehicles used in mining, construction, loggin, forestry and container handling.

One-stop centre for all your OTR tyre retreading needs from repairing, retreading to technical consultation. Advanced proven methodology in pre-cured process and the usage of state-of-the-art machineries to ensure high quality retread tyres are produced. Supported by a team of expertise with years of experience in the retreading OTR tyres.