Supercool Business Partner (SBP)

SBPs have the advantage of riding on the success of GIIB Supercool, an internationally recognised brand for reliability and safety, with branding and marketing already done for you. When you’re an SBP member, GIIB is committed to seeing you succeed.

Why will you succeed


Become a SBP member.

You’ll be joining a worldwide community of SBP members and be instantly associated with successfully run retreading businesses.


High Brand Recognition.

You’ll benefit from high brand recognition of GIIB Supercool Premium pre-cured tread.


Strict Adherence.

All SBPs are audited according to strict adherence to GIIB Supercool Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the correct retreading process.


Firm Backing.

You’ll have the backing of our commercial team as well as technical support.


Qualified and Proven.

The SBP programme is a proven business model.

The SBP programme is a proven business model. With our innovations and the GIIB business model installed for your business, you are on the right track to success. That’s because you’ll have a strong network and will target the right customer segment. A solid customer base allows you to enjoy healthy growth to sustain your business for the long term.

” If you don’t have the competitive advantage, don’t compete. “
Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric