Date: 15 March 2017

In moving the most precious of goods – the lives of passengers on board of a bus – lays a very special responsibility. But this task is handled by Supercool™ retreads with excellence, as Supercool™ compound is engineered for safety. That’s why Supercool is the best choice for bus fleets in any part of the world.

Today we are proud to announce that we will be continuing our long-standing fruitful partnership with Kowloon Motor Bus (Hong Kong) into 2017! Every year KMB runs a tender to appoint preferred suppliers for their fleet, including retread material for their in-house retreading facility. This year will be the 16th year in a row that Supercool™ retreads are the tyres of choice for one of the biggest bus fleets in Hong Kong.

Quality retreads of course come with quality supporting materials, that’s why KMB is also opting for Speedflex cushion gum that has up to 20% faster curing time and helps to maintain high level of productivity in retreading.

We are humbled and proud to have customers like KMB who understand the importance of long-term investment over a short-term benefit, as well as value the cost of ownership over the cost of purchase. From our end GIIB promises to keep moving the retread market forward with quality premium materials and satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers!