Date: 19 November 2018

We strive to give the best to our homeland. Having international partners and affiliates does not mean that we do not do business locally. In fact, GIIB Group strives to create more partnerships with local brands because this is where it all started.


One of our local partners, Q-Team, a dedicated support company to Swift Group of Companies, has an in-house retread facility to retread tyres for their sister company, Swift. Q-Team consists of experienced personnel in the tyre retreading industry with more than 30 years experience with brands like Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company, USA.


Swift Group is Malaysia's fastest growing fully integrated logistics provider with the largest market share. Focusing its business in various departments under the logistics solutions umbrella, Swift Group now has more than 562 prime movers, 2,500 trailers and tankers with over 2,000 experienced workforce. Together with GIIB, this group aims to be the best total logistics solutions partner in the region.

Together with GIIB, Swift Logistics aims to be the best total logistics solutions partner in the region.


GIIB Group has been working with Q-Team for close to 10 years. And our spotlight has always been on the transportation level. As one of PETRONAS license holder, Swift Group regards their transportation solutions fervently. Their specialised transportation solutions were designed in detail and safety has always been their top priority in order to meet the customers' needs.

Naturally, their demand for tyre retreads is not just of high quality, but of high performance. This is important to deliver their customer's product safely and efficiently. With our priorities aligned, the alliance made with GIIB Group in helping Q-Team in their transportation solutions creates a quality in providing efficient services to their customers.

*Q-Team is a dedicated service provider for truck maintenance for the Swift Group. The Swift Group also has a dealership for Mercedes Trucks with full 3S capability.