Date: 27 November 2018

The foundation of quality is consistency. Business runs on profits and to make profits in the retreading business is to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum investment. Which in turn, guarantees consistent quality of final product delivery.  


As the Managing Director of GIIB Group with more than 30 years experience in tyre retreading and rubber industry, I believe that quality control is one of the most important aspects that should be taken seriously in this business, while consistency is a valuable asset in improving the quality retreads.


Quality and consistency come hand-in-hand in any business production. But it is easier said than done. To align these two values all the time is not necessarily easy. Getting good quality product is an easy job but the job becomes harder when it comes to making good quality product consistently. In order to make it happen, we only give what is best especially through our material selection. I will ensure that the material selected has certain specifications and it is vital for us to stick to that standard. Although all the materials look and feel the same, the quality is never the same. This is how we distinguish our brand to other brands out there.

A lot of process control is involved in order to make it happen when greater attention is given throughout this process, it will directly and visibly reflect on the production quality.


“Although all the materials look and feel the same, the quality is never the same. This is how we distinguish our brand to other brands out there.”

We implemented the 6S methodology with an additional ‘S' in giving out the best to our customers.

  • Sort
  • Set In Order
  • Shine
  • Standardise
  • Sustain
  • Safety

While "Sort" "Set In Order", "Shine", "Standardise" and "Sustain" develop effective workflow and efficient product, the final ‘S’ makes all the difference in doing what we do best. Having to put forth Safety as the extra ‘S’ on the list is definitely mandatory to keep this business running in the long run in a sustainable manner. Every aspect of safety procedure must not be taken for granted as it will affect the end product and the customers. More importantly, we want our colleagues to go home safely to their families every day.


Due to these precautionary methods, I am proud to announce in 2017, we have received 0 complaint from our customers. I am hoping that this high quality equals consistency standard stays as long as this business is running, for us to keep providing only the best of the best product to our customers, which coincidentally happens to be the acronym of my name.


By B.O.B Ngaau, Technical Director of GIIB Group