Date: 19 December 2018

Truck tyres are one of the major operating costs of fleets. An average tyre service runs close to $1,000 in the United States. Other things are needed to be compromised which usually results in the company's poor performance. Retreading is the most cost-effective way of maintaining a stock of service-ready trailer tyres.


Typically, retreaded tyres cost only a fraction of new tyres and perform as well or even better. For companies that rely on their trailers to get their business moving, it makes sense to consider retreaded tyres in the long run. A tyre for a trailer can last up to 7 years depending on the quality of the casing.


The casing tells a lot about a tyre. A good casing will determine the lifespan of the tyre and the value of it for its second and third retreading. For most fleets, there is no way to say that the new tyres are better or retreads work best. Any number of strategies will work including the combinations of the new, used and retreaded tyres.

The highest risk is always in the extremes. The best way is to identify the expected average miles on each wheel position and application within the fleet. Once this is identified, the best practices will come with it. More room for improvement can be made together with budgeting and fleet cost predictions.


Always remember - You can't fix what you can't measure. For the best performance, a measurable result by tracking and monitoring is important to determine which tyres work best for a trailer.


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