Date: 10 January 2019


Our achievements are for your confidence.


What we claimed our product to be is not just from our mouths. The confidence we have in our product comes with certain standards that have been ruled out. At GIIB Group, we always set the bar high to establish trust, loyalty and satisfaction for our clients in buying tyre retread products.


In 2005, GIIB Group has been certified with MS224:2005 Standard in tyre retreading and recently, we have been certified again on the month of April 2018. This certification is to ensure that the specification for retreading rubber tyres for passenger cars and commercial vehicles are followed accordingly.


In May 2018, another upgrade has been made. Our ISO 9001:2008 will be upgraded to ISO 9001:2015, excelling in Quality Management System. This validates the fact that our organisation is efficient and customer satisfaction has been our number 1 priority. In addition to that, you may wish to be informed that GIIB is certified for IS0 14001 for Environmental Management Standards and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Standards.


Certainly, the certifications have built our credibility in providing better services and to set a benchmark in the rubber compounding industry from environmental and safety perspectives.


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