Date: 25 January 2019


Federal Land Development Authority or commonly known as FELDA in Malaysia, is one of the biggest plantation operators in the world with 2,004,400 acres of oil palm plantations across Malaysia and other parts of the world. Since the founding of FELDA, a percentage of Malaysians living in the suburbs and rural area have been local given programs the opportunity to be entrepreneurs from local programs offered by FELDA. Due to this, the oil palm business hikes and their logistics in transportation became a crucial part of their business.

For the past years, FELDA's partnership with GIIB Group is doing very well. We have been assisting FELDA in multiple levels especially the ones in the transportation department. FELDA transports billions of palm oil every single year domestically. Hence, good transportation matters most for this authority. At the end of the day, we want FELDA to have a cost-efficient business model as well as decreasing the cost spent on each transportation medium.

Smart Method has also been widely used by FELDA under the advice of GIIB Group in order for FELDA to get full benefits of our products. We believe that the Smart Method will build discipline in using our product especially in nurturing good culture and habit for their transport drivers. This eventually translates to better operations efficiency for FELDA Group.

Coincidentally, GIIB Rubber is also a customer of FELDA for its Epoxidised Natural Rubber, a specialty rubber that is modified from latex to achieve low rolling resistance for higher mileage. This effort is a collaborative effort of three parties among Malaysian Rubber Board as the Research and GIIB Rubber.


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