Date: 07 February 2019

A beautiful game. That’s what football aficionados call the sport that took the world by storm. The AFC Asian Cup fever is over, but the lessons remain.

Managing a football team is like managing a business especially during the championships. A strategy that strikes a balance between offensive and defensive play will give the team an upper hand in the tournament. The ability to perfectly execute sound strategies determines the control of the game. How the players kick the ball during the match is the result of consistent practice at matching strategy with execution.

Each aspect determines of the team has what it takes to be the champion. Offensive and defensive play can be likened to a balance between customer service, excellence and quality assurance. Our frontline personnel in Sales and Customer Service strive to deliver the best buying experience for our customers while our Operations Team ensures that both the quality of our products and timely delivery surpass expectations. This consistency in practice is our culture and it’s instilled in each of our people.

The only difference between our rubber compound business and football is that we want to score (work) hand in hand with our customers and business partners to celebrate our success as winners in our respective industries. We invite all our partners to win the game together.

Words by Tai Boon Wee, CEO of GIIB


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